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We are really enjoying the new clothes dryer we bought from Angel Appliances in Sepulveda. Scott recommended the Speed Queen. It has great features: large and roomy and easy to access. We love it! In addition, the installation was quick and easy and they took away our old dryer, too. - Mrs. L.H., Los Angeles


Your company provided overall excellent coin-operated laundry service to our family for over 28 years. Yours was one of the very few companies we used that never gave us any problems. You were so good that we kept you for over 28 years. We always got good service. You were reliable. You also supplied appliances at a good price for the tenant units. The checks came on time. Even after my mother died, we knew you would take care of things. - J. Dunn, Alameda, CA


We've loved your service. You guys have been awesome. The room has been maintained and the checks come regularly. - Linda W., Yorba Linda


We were always happy that we signed up for Angel's ervice for our building's laundry room. Our family has had Angel's service since the 1960's! - Mrs. C.B., Pacific Palisades


Dishwasher is all fixed and all is well - Izzy and Beatriz were great, got here so fast! - J.Borden, Encino


Hi, Scott: Received and installed clock for my Whirlpool range. Working well after 3 days. Thanks for your efforts in getting the part for us. You saved us about $1500. - Bill Moore

Coin-operated Laundry Service

Angel Coin Service has its coin-operated laundry machines at my buildings. Angel provides the service, collects the money, and sends the properties their share of the income.

I transferred the service from another company to Angel. Angel put in new machines. Everything else stayed the same. As a result, I experienced the substantial increase of 77% more laundry revenue at these buildings as compared to the amount that was received from the previous company.

I personally associate this change with the superior integrity of Angel Coin Service. - Michael Russo, CPA, Entrepreneurial Consultant, Sherman Oaks

Your service is outstanding! - Don Macri, landlord, Santa Monica

I have Angel Coin Service's machines at my apartment laundry room. Everything's perfect. Not a complaint in the world. - Jay Caplan, Woodland Hills

I have been the resident manager at this building for over 30 years. We have had Angel Coin Service's washers and dryers in our laundry room for more than 22 years. Your maintenance people and office people are nice, and your service is quick. Thank you! - Betty Nardi, Canoga Park

As a company, you at Angel have been very accommodating and totally satisfactory. Even at those times when we have minimal occupancy at our sober living home, your service pays for itself with peace of mind. Even when there were small problems I was worried about, you came out to check the machines, and my worries were gone. It's been excellent - great, convenient, and worry-free. If a sober living home is smart, they will have coin-operated laundry machines on premises! - David Wendt, Reseda

Domestic Appliance Service

Thank you for your appliance service. You are A-1! You make my life easier. I don't have to hear any complaints from my wife! - J. Dern, Calabasas

I am writing to thank both you and your company and, in particular, Izzy, who serviced my ovens at the end of March, for truly outstanding, beyond-the-call-of-duty service.

I have 3 Kitchen Aid ovens and 2 were not working when I initally contacted Angel Appliances last month. This was a huge problem for me, as I needed to cook many meals for dozens of people (including the 30 people I was having for one meal alone) in the next few days for the holiday of Passover. All 3 ovens were badly needed.

Your scheduling staff (the ladies who answer the phones - Beatriz and Cecilia) were wonderful as well, maintaining their patience and politeness even when my frantic calls kept coming.

Your company went beyond the call of duty by allowing Izzy to service my appliance on a Sunday, which I understand is not standard operating procedure at all. This final service call was the one that gave me all 3 of my of my ovens back and, coming just 24 hours before the start of Passover, after which I wouldn't have been able to have any service people in my home, truly saved the day for me.

I want you to know how much I appreciated your flexibility. I don't think that many companies would have taken into consideration the difficult spot I was in. Thank you for not disregarding the "human factor" in your customer relations.

Finally, I want to extol the praises of Izzy, who in his polite, efficient, and extremely capable way, guided me through the process and, seeing my desperation, was even willing to come in on his day off to help me out of a tough bind. As I am sure you are aware, since most of your customers do not visit your facility, your service people are the face of your company. Unfortunately, I have had more experience with service companies and their repair people than I care to admit to, particularly with these ovens. So I have had ample opportunity to spend time observing and conversing with the person who is in my kitchen representing his company. And I can say, with complete candor and honesty, that Izzy is one of the nicest and most skilled repairmen that I have met. You can rest easy knowing that he is representing your company out in the field with your customers.

Once again, my deep thanks for all your help. I would not hesitate to call Angel Appliances again if needed.


Mrs. H. Magady, Los Angeles

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