Multi-Family, Multi-Tenant Laundry Room Partnership and Management Programs

Coin-Op Laundry Partnership Programs

Revenue Sharing Plan

Coin operated washer and dryer
Get Paid For Doing Nothing! Angel will transform your multi-family, multi-tenant laundry room into a REAL MONEY MAKER! Angel will look out for your interests and maximize your profits. Reasons Why Angel is the #1 Choice for Your Laundry Room.

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Laundry Room Management Service Plan

Laundry room management
Angel Appliances Will Relieve Your Laundry Room Management Headaches! If you are a property manager or owner at a building with landlord-owned machines, we offer you a variety of professional services.

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22 Steps to Laundry Room Success. Wondering whether it's best to own your own machines? Click here

Authorized Appliance Sales, Service, Parts & Supplies

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We can help you with your…

Brand name appliance service and repair

…and all major brands

Best Appliance Sales, Service, Repair, & Parts Supplier in Southern California and the L.A. Area

We have been in the appliance business in the greater Los Angeles area since 1955. You can count on us to be there for you and take care of any appliance-related need you may have! Whether you are a landlord with an onsite coin-op laundry room, a property manager dealing with laundry room management, a homeowner needing appliance repair, a do-it-yourselfer looking for parts, or a professional working on older or obsolete appliances, we will provide you with excellent service. We even offer complete appliances or parts for mock-ups for movies, TV, and commercials, as well as parts for import and export appliances.

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Angel News

Best Appliance Store Award

Angel Appliances never forgets the customer always comes first and that we are here to serve our community and neighbors. SFV Magazine has recognized our service to the community with the "Best Appliance Store award". Read More ...

We have an excellent reputation

Angel Appliances, Appliances  Major  Parts & Supplies, North Hills, CA

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A+ rating

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Call us at (877)835-6030 to schedule a service call or fill out our online form.

More Money Savers from Angel

Coin-Op Laundry

  • Energy Star Rebates – with qualifying lease or rental agreement. For a limited time only. Click Here

Appliance Parts and Accessories

  • No Sales Tax on Internet Purchases outside the state of California. Click Here
  • Refrigerator Coil Brush – Especially made to clean your most expensive-to-run home appliance. An inexpensive investment to save you on electricity. Click Here
  • Programmable Thermostat – Saves you on electricity and gas by making your home cool without running the air conditioner all day, or warm without running the heater all day. Click Here
  • New Filters for Your Heater, Furnace & Air Conditioner – Keep your appliances working more efficiently. Click Here
  • Door Gaskets and Seals for Your Refrigerator and Freezer Doors – Damaged seals can cause costly air leaks, wasting electricity. Call us if you need help diagnosing if you have a problem. Click Here

Appliance Repair

  • Trip charge for service call is waived if repair is done. Click Here
  • You can’t lose! If you decide not to do the repair, you can put the cost of the service call toward delivery of a new appliance from us. Click Here
  • Angel Service Policies are available to provide you with fixed costs, no surprises. Click Here
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